Lean2Succeed was established in 2014 after observing numerous businesses transform and grow into multi-million successful  companies. 

With the pace at which the shaping took place, it left very little time for the fabric stitching.

Quite literally, old values, behaviours and ways of working changed almost overnight.  New resource emerged, with energy and determination. 

Strategy was at the top of about every business agenda.

Something got left behind.

Acquisitions, new emerging businesses, all linked to a fast paced development and balance sheets,

somehow didint have the time to stich processes and systems together. 

With this, multiple cultures emerged, systems failed to talk with each other, processes varied or were non-existent.


Swiftly followed by a culture of KPI's, Lean, focussed on results.

None of this is bad, merely insufficient time during the transition phases

to build in what I call "the pink and fluffy stuff" and the foundations.

Every business I have had the pleasure to work with have suffered with enormous costly inefficiencies, else why would I be employed if everything was okay.

  Productivities down, Quality down Cost exceeding budgets, Disengaged workforce, Safety recordable injuires & near-misses up - This is what I see today and this is also why businesses need support to get them back on track. 

This is why Lean2Succeed exists.


There is a strong market out there and a demand to remove waste and non-value add, re-engineer process, and create an engaged cultures. 

Luanching my own business now helps those out there, who need it.

 We can offer you detailed analysis of your business with a Success & Growth Platform


Any of our packages can be tailored to your needs.


Just look at what's in our Portfolio

 Project & Programme Management, Lean Tools & Techniques, 6 Sigma Yellow and Green Belt training, Continuous Improvement strategies,  Supply Chain Excellence, People Change Management, Organisation Design, Strategic Sourcing, Communications Management, ERP Solutions design and implementation.


Let us help.

  • Transform your business
  • Introduce cultural change
  • Improve processes / adherance / Re-engineering
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Quality
  • Increase People Engagement
  • Reduce Direct / Indirect costs
  • Optomise Supply Chain Solutions
  • Reduce Supply Costs - Sourcing/Procurement
  • Optimise your Project/Programme Managment
  • Consultancy services


    We can offer you a number of in-house or off-site training packages, inclusive of e-learning materials



Our business experience portfolio includes Chemical, Foods, Paper, Automotive, Aerospace, Logistics & Supply Chain, Technology, Power Generation, Retail, eCommerce, 3PL and ERP 


If you have an awareness of a problem and have a desire to make change happen - then contact Lean2Succeed.



Lean2Succeed are Proud Sponsors of the Open Singles Circuit (OSC)



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