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Project Management

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Lean2Succeed offers a full Programme and Project Management service


          Tools we use include

          Prince 2


          6 Sigma

          PMI/APM affiliated

We offer skills to provide a full  ERP systems implementation package

with expertise in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics



          Roles & Responsibilities

          Change Control



Do you need support with Projects, unable to get them off the gound

PMO Design, or if you are looking to build a PMO System

          Budget Management

          Kick off Meetings





What makes us different - we already understand the quick wins & pitfalls

Services can be bespoke to your requirements, or why not use our

Lean2Succeed tried and tested templated work packages

Dont forget - Training is critical to any business.

"We learned by doing"

Let us design a Project Management training package for you

from Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced.







High Quality

Efficient support

Fast results

Contact: Jacqui Henderson+44 7931 581395

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